Peter Centgraf

Senior Application Developer
Technical Lead
(412) 805-7323
218 Beech St
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Software Development
Lead developer and primary support for a complex CMS-driven web presence with 80k+ pages and extensive automation using Adobe CQ (Apache Sling/Jackrabbit). Dramatically improved system uptime and attack resilience. Integrated a new eCommerce solution and led the development of a new corporate blog.
Available in iOS App Store. Led cross-functional development team through successful launch of RAND's first public mobile app.
eLIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
Custom integrated business system for commercial laboratory workflow management. I was responsible for the interaction design, software architecture, and core implementation of the Eclipse-based desktop rich client application. I also contributed to the Spring-based server application (with a Tomcat + MS SQL Server 2005 stack) and its Ant and AndroMDA model-driven build environment. This system was sold as a commercial product to several high-profile US biotech companies, transforming an internal cost center into a revenue driver.
Business Transaction Server
Custom integrated business system for B2B commerce, including core accounting and inventory management modules and a pluggable framework for additional modules. This was another Eclipse-based desktop rich client application with a J2EE server component (with a Spring + JBoss + MySQL stack) and an Ant-based build environment.
Allows software designers to predict expert performance on UI tasks via KLM-GOMS analysis -- includes a storyboarding tool, task demonstration, and results management. I participated in the full process through conception, design, testing, and implemention in Java/SWT. The first beta version was released on Oct 17, 2005 after approximately 10 months of development, and work is ongoing since I left the team in December 2005.
Visualization tool for the City of Pittsburgh CitiStat program -- allows city budget analysts to rapidly browse department performance data in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. This was my capstone project for the CMU Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree. I was technical lead on a five-person interdisciplinary team that built the project from vision to working VB.NET tool.
Pedagogical Java development environment for introductory-level programming students -- provides a dynamic execution facility to encourage experimentation and rapid testing, plus traditional IDE features. I led a small group of student-developers on Javadoc and compiler features and platform integration.
Conceptual design for a mood-driven music player for the homes of young moderns. This was the final project in the Interface and Interaction Design course at CMU. The complete process is documented at the link above, including early concept research, a focus-group session to refine the solution for the needs of the target audience, a physical prototype, and a video sketch to showcase usage scenarios.
Recipe website tailored to the needs of low-carb dieters, especially during the difficult early stages of lifestyle transition. This was another project from the CMU IID course. My contributions include the CSS-based layout of the final prototype (tailored for Apple's Safari browser).
Library and tools for creating JSP-based web surveys -- includes a graphical survey editor and a survey admin webapp. I was part of a small team that designed the survey editor, and I personally wrote the first iteration of the online survey management add-on.
Master of Human-Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Over 2 years of practical experience with small, interdisciplinary teams working on HCI design projects:
  • full development of a data mining and visualization tool for the City of Pittsburgh CitiStat program
  • conceptual design of a web community to facilitate favor exchange across social networks in families
  • interaction design of a mobile search application, a mood-driven music player, and a food website
B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Psychology
Rice University, Houston, TX
Dual majors with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. Course experience includes:
  • software design and implementation in Java (including generics), C, and Scheme
  • agile development techniques such as UML data modeling, unit testing, and pair programming
  • design, execution, and data analysis of original studies in cognitive psychology
I performed a review of the available psychological literature on interruption as part of a General Motors-funded project to predict the effects of interruption on drivers. Detailed notes are available.
Published Papers
Salvucci, D. D., John, B. E., Prevas, K., & Centgraf, P. (2004) Rapid Development of Keystroke-Level Models for On- and Off-the-Desktop Interfaces. Manuscript in preparation.
John, B. E., Salvucci, D. D., Centgraf, P., & Prevas, K. (2004) Integrating models and tools in the context of driving and in-vehicle devices. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling. [Poster (3.8MB)]
Salvucci, D. D., John, B. E., Prevas, K., & Centgraf, P. (2004). Interfaces on the road: Rapid evaluation of in-vehicle devices. Paper presented at the Human-Computer Interaction Consortium 2004.
Fleetwood, M. D., Byrne, M. D., Centgraf, P., Dudziak, K., Lin, B., & Mogilev, D. (2002). An analysis of text-entry in Palm OS—Graffiti and the Virtual Keyboard. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th Annual Meeting.
A few of my favorite photos from my undergrad days at Rice University in Houston, TX. Most are candid shots. Included are photos of friends back home in Milwaukee, WI, the German countryside, Big Bend state park in TX, my brother's wedding, my graduation, Christmas at home, random socializing, and Seattle -- in no particular order.